GNIZDO -  means NEST (Ukrainian) - is the sustainable brand of home textiles and clothes made of natural linen.

The place, where you always feel comfortable and free.
Place you want to fill with things you love and where you want to return.
Feel unique in completely natural clothes.
Touch the nature with completely natural home textile.

We are:
Local Ukrainian manufacturer since 2017
Women social business with a team of domestic refugees
Use only natural materials Linen OEKO-TEX Standart 100 quality certificates 
Make eco-packing from recycled fabric and paper 
Support the idea of slow fashion
Create timeless things in a minimalist style beyond fashion
Make custom-made orders
Collaborate with designers, studious, showrooms.



History of creation

The brand was founded in 2017 by Anastasiia Arhunova with the production of bedding sets from natural linen. Later, adding other textiles and loungewear to the range.

Over the years, we have come a long way and we want to continue to develop in this direction.

We try new things: partnerships, collaborations, change models, approaches, and products.
But, we leave the most important thing - our philosophy. It consists in using only natural materials, the author's production, and authenticity.
We make things for you that are worth having in your home instead of the usual mass market.

Inspired by our culture, we try to popularize the Ukrainian product more, therefore, it is more than just an online store.
On our Instagram, you can see projects related to other brands with which we share a philosophy and Ukrainian artists who impressed us with their creativity.
We are constantly in search, and it is this process that will continue to push us forward.



The bedding market in our country was overloaded with quantity, but not quality. It was easy to find a lot of bed linen from China, Turkey, Europe, and other countries, rarely from the Ukrainian manufacturer at the shops. But the circle narrowed significantly in the assortment when we asked about mono colors or at least a laconic design, it narrowed even more if we asked about absolutely natural materials.

It turned out that it is almost impossible to find natural bed linen of a single color without problems, as well as from a Ukrainian manufacturer. Of course, European stores were pleased with their options, but we wanted to expand our own market with brevity. Therefore, we began to think about the bedding that we would buy ourselves according to all the criteria.

And so we understood that it would not be easy, because according to the survey and the existing assortment, our product would not be wildly popular...


We knew that we would not create a mass market, but a niche product and we would definitely find our client. From the idea of ​​simply natural linen, we left only linen, because after studying the properties and qualities of linen, they unanimously said - LINEN!


It must be linen! It was then that everything else took shape in my head and began to harmoniously coexist - packaging, details, and the concept in general.


Having decided on the concept, it remained to come up with a name. But it was not an easy task. It had to be a name that would reflect the Ukrainian soul and the essence of the idea but in a modern version. Brainstorming gave its results - "GNIZDO". This is it! Laconic, modern, but with a Ukrainian "mentality".

In our country, this word is associated with coziness, home, and well-being, but writing it in Latin does its job. Then it was up to the designer, to whom we submitted the sketch and concept, and after some time we had a ready logo with an inscription. Later, following design trends, we simplified it and made it more modern and stylish for today, but kept the most important elements.

In a few weeks, we created a trial product - found a supplier of fabrics, and sewed the first sets. Before that, they studied how sewing should be in high-quality bed linen, and searched for golden hands for sewing for a long time, because it turned out to be not so easy. We went through several seamstresses before we found those who do very carefully and qualitatively. These were the classic colors "Eco" - unbleached classic linen and "Sky" - soft blue.


Then they developed the packaging (the story of which you can read separately in the section "Packaging
and personalization") and other details that distinguished our product from others and made it original and special, calculated the price, and, finding the perfect photographer, made the first photoset of our sets. Each of these stages deserves a separate story, but we will not publish all of their secrets, but just show you the result!

After creating an Instagram account, our story began...


By publishing more and more photos and actively developing the page, it was clear that there is a demand for this product and we are doing everything right...

People want to see minimalism, quality, and naturalness. It was absolute happiness!
Then we expanded the assortment with other colors because linen can be not at all classic and boring, but also bright and interesting. Receiving more and more orders, visiting exhibitions, and working with showrooms, there was a desire to go only forward and expand the market of home textiles by a Ukrainian manufacturer! Constantly working on quality, we changed, added, removed, and reworked something, this was part of the process of becoming the final product formula.

Later, we decided to expand the assortment not only with bed linen but also with table textiles and clothes for the home, leaving the basic concept - only linen, cotton, and wood, nothing extra! Well, when everyone was already asking about clothes made of linen and supporting the wave of fashion for linen, it was decided to sew linen clothes.
Later, we started work on the site so that every customer could conveniently browse the catalog, choose models, find out prices or just look around.



Now we are constantly expanding the assortment with new models, we cooperate with interesting people who inspire us to create something new and unique.
We are glad that we were among the first in the Ukrainian market to enter this niche and began to popularize beautiful textiles and natural clothing.
Today there are already dozens of brands with similar concepts, but each of them is unique and has its own customer.
We are sincerely grateful for every order placed with us because each one pushes us forward and both inspires and motivates us to improve quality, and service and stand out from the rest.

We will continue to create for you!


Join us!


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