GNIZDO is a Ukrainian sustainable brand of home textiles and clothing made from natural linen.

- Local manufacturer since 2017.
- We exclusively use organic and natural materials:
  - Linen and cotton as the main fabrics.
  - Wood and shell for buttons.
  - Cardboard and fabric for packaging.
  - Recycled and kraft paper for tags.
- We produce made-to-order items for each customer, eliminating the need for stock and excess inventory. Our packaging is made from fabric remnants.
- Our designs embody a minimalist style that transcends fashion trends and time.
- We embrace the concept of slow fashion, advocating for fewer items in circulation and extending the lifespan of clothing. Natural, high-quality textiles and clothing last much longer.
- We provide a lifetime guarantee and maintain a relationship with our customers post-purchase, addressing any questions or issues that may arise with our products.
- GNIZDO promotes Ukrainian products, drawing inspiration from culture, ethnic motifs, and incorporating them into our creations.


History of Creation:

Established in 2017 by Anastasiia Arhunova, GNIZDO initially focused on producing bedding sets crafted from natural linen. Over time, our range expanded to include other textiles and loungewear. Embracing continuous growth, we remain committed to evolving in this direction.

We embrace experimentation, constantly exploring new partnerships, collaborations, and approaches while staying true to our core philosophy. This philosophy centers on using exclusively natural materials, maintaining an artisanal production approach, and prioritizing authenticity. Our aim is to offer products that transcend the ordinary mass market, reflecting a deep appreciation for Ukrainian culture.

On our Instagram platform, we showcase projects with like-minded brands that share our ethos, alongside Ukrainian artists whose creativity inspires us. Our journey is one of perpetual discovery, and it is this journey that propels us forward.



In our country's bedding market, quantity often overshadowed quality. While it was easy to find bedding from various international sources, finding mono-color or minimalist designs made from natural materials, especially from Ukrainian manufacturers, proved challenging. Fueled by a desire to introduce simplicity and authenticity to the market, we set out to create bedding that met our own exacting standards.

Through this process, linen emerged as the clear choice, celebrated for its natural qualities and timeless appeal. With linen as our foundation, our vision began to take shape, encompassing packaging, details, and overall concept.



Selecting a name was no small task. It had to encapsulate the Ukrainian spirit and essence of our idea in a modern context. After brainstorming, "GNIZDO" emerged—a name that evokes coziness, home, and well-being, while retaining a contemporary feel. We entrusted a designer with bringing our vision to life, resulting in a logo that perfectly captured our brand identity.



Today, GNIZDO continues to expand its product range, collaborating with inspiring individuals who drive us to innovate and create something truly unique. We take pride in being pioneers in the Ukrainian market, championing beautiful textiles and natural clothing.

While similar concepts have emerged in the market, each brand, including ours, possesses its own distinct identity and clientele. We are deeply grateful for every order received, as they fuel our drive to continuously improve our quality, service, and differentiation.

Join us as we continue to build our nest, crafting products that resonate with authenticity, sustainability, and timeless elegance.




Join us!

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