Collection of outerwear "Kyiv Mosaic"

Our new collection of jackets in the patchwork style is the embodiment of the beauty and art of Kyiv through the lens of fashion and environmental responsibility.

Kyiv is a mosaic city of different architectural forms, different times and historical eras. Having seen many different mosaics, not similar to each other, we were inspired to create the same unique design from different scraps of fabric. We are committed to the theme of sustainable production, so we used leftover fabric from the main production to create this collection. This allowed us to avoid waste and make maximum use of materials.

Each jacket is an art in the hands of our craftsmen. They spent more than a month creating unique masterpieces. We simply provided the craftsmen with photos of the mosaics for inspiration and form finding and got an interesting design.
No jacket is similar to another, they cannot be re-ordered, they are all one-size-fits-all.

We invite you to discover the unique "Kyiv Mosaic" collection - a collection where local culture, eco-care and art merge into a single image of modern street fashion.






Photographer: Mari Gubachova
Model: Yana Altukhova

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