All images of spikelets for the collection are taken and reinterpreted into geometric shapes from "Methodical instructions "Vegetation"

Department of crop production
S.P. Poltoretskyi, N.M.
Poltoretska "VEGETABLES"
Uman 2019


The "Spikelets" collection should appear at this time.
A sacred symbol for every Ukrainian, and now for the world.
From the famines of the 1930s, which destroyed entire generations of ethnic Ukrainians, to the blocking of grain in the ports in 2022.
We, like no one else, know the price of each ear of corn.
With what labor we get this culture, with what respect we treat it.
The whole world felt the lack of grain due to the war in Ukraine today and now knows our country as a real granary.
We can give this world our grain, physical and spiritual.


1 – культурна однозернянка; 2 – Тимофеева; 3 – полба; 4 – перська; 5 – тверда; 6 – м'яка: а – безоста,  б – остиста;  7 – тургiдум:  а – гiлляста,  б – звичайна;  8 – польська; 9 – спельта; 10 – карликова: а – остиста, б – безоста; 11 – круглозерна.

The Law "On Five Spikelets"

On August 7, 1932, the law was approved (the Law on five ears of corn), and as of September 14, the People's Commissar of the Ukrainian SSR testified in a report about 250 death sentences.


Law "About five ears of corn" ("Five ears of corn", "Kolosky", Law "About three ears of corn", Law "7.8" is the popular name of the repressive Soviet law of the times.


On August 11, 1932, in a letter to Kaganovich, Stalin demanded that a special letter be sent from the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Ukraine (b) to party and judicial and punitive bodies about the use of the law on the protection of public property and the fight against speculators. He insisted that "the most important thing now is Ukraine," because things in Ukraine are very bad.


An analysis of 20,000 cases shows that 83% of the convicts were collective farm workers and single-family peasants, and only 15% belonged to "Kurkul-rich elements". Therefore, this law was directed against the peasants, who, saving children from starvation, had to carry home from the stream or field a kilogram or two of grain that they themselves had grown.

"Never Again"


1932 - the Holodomor, which destroyed Ukrainians as a result of the acceptance

Law "On five ears of corn"


2022 - the Russian war threatens the growth of a worldwide wave of hunger

Never again.

We want to talk about Ukrainian to the whole world, showing the real power and greatness of the country, not fiction.

"Made in Ukraine"

The attention of the whole world is now focused on Ukraine. Everything Ukrainian is becoming "hype" and fashionable. Everyone wants to touch Ukrainian culture, even with a little finger. Need to use it

"window of opportunity" and begin to create a strong image of the brand of Ukraine, which will soon generate the added value of domestic products. After all, a simple and understandable brand creates a positive impression and strengthens the state's rating. Of course, to begin with, it is necessary to rebuild and restore everything that was destroyed due to the war started by the Russians. Ukraine has a huge economic potential.

In addition to the main ones, we also have unique areas of the economy that are also worth developing:

Craft production of food products;
Industrial and craft products from hemp and flax;
Beekeeping products;
Folk crafts (for example, traditional ethnic toys) and much more."

Full text of the article - vizualoi-identichnosti-ukraini/

The collection includes table textiles: tablecloths, runners, and napkins.
Clothing - Japanese-style kimono and kimono with raw edges.

The collection was presented at the international exhibition of design and interiors
Maison & Objet 2022 in Paris

Collection was made in collaboration with Anastasiia Biletska

"When the people choose bread between bread and freedom, they ultimately lose everything. If he chooses freedom, he will have bread grown by him and not taken away by anyone."

Stepan Bandera

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