Abstract embroidery with tassels on the corners, and various symbols from vintage towels, are reinterpreted and stylized in a modern way. 

Everywhere there is a polygonal star, which marks the 4 seasons, a winter snowflake, and a Christmas tree, as symbols of the Christmas holidays.

You can also see images of guardians - stylized female figures holding each other's hands, a guardian - a protector of people from all evil, a "domestic" goddess who protects the home.

There is also a trendy element that starts the composition - a "chessboard", squares of black and red colors.
The idea of the compositional arrangement is that there is vertical symmetry, but the whole composition has dynamics due to individual details at the edges.


The concept of combining the ancient traditions of Ukraine and modern elements is the basis and roots of this collection, created especially for the "Gnizdo" brand.

Yulia Kononenko

Location: avangarden_gallery                                                                                                                                                               Dishes: "Rozmova" - zemna_official
Decor:  kvitkarnya_yu                                                                                                                                                                             Photographer : mari_gubachova
Paintings of a modern Ukrainian artist: ganna.bogachuk 

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